The French have collected more than 215,000 signatures for a replay of the Qatar 2022 final… and another petition called for “France to stop crying”.

After the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, Kylian Mbappe collapsed on a seat on the substitutes’ bench at the Lusail Stadium. – Thanks to: @FRANCK FIFE

It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Beyond how crazy it sounds, the proposal is underway. After Selected Argentina Consecration will be done World champion After beating last Sunday France Conclusion World Cup Qatar 2022On the tricolor ground they gather Companies for Request FIFA to replay that match. They have already collected Over 215,000.

This attempt came from a website, Comments of the monthWho by fans They consider relevant errors by the jury led by Pole Simon Marciniak. For this reason, they quickly started getting virtual signatures. However, in a country of over 67 million people, this number does not seem significant or have had the desired impact.

In France they gathered signatures to play in the finals again, upset by the jury in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

In France they collected signatures to play in the finals again, upset by the jury in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The first question to be asked concerns the concession of the penalty that led to the first Argentina goal. According to the French, From Osusmane Dembelé to Angel Di Maria “Never Infringed”When the referee allowed it in the first half, it was implicitly approved by VAR by not correcting it.

The second error they pointed out was on the play before the second goal Christian Romero, as always claimed, made a mistake against Kylian MbappeSomething that was overlooked in the cameras of the official exchange.

As for the Albiceleste’s third goal in the second overtime, opponents felt it should have been disallowed. “Because two substitutes entered the pitch before Lionel Messi’s shot crossed the line”.

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Compact of Argentina vs. France, Qatar Final 2022

The campaign expresses itself in harsh terms in its narrative of events. Even its advertisers say so Jury “completely sold”. If it reaches half a million signatures, it will be among the three with the most followers on that claim page.

The project, which has gone viral at the moment, adds to the claims of the French Football Federation (FFF), which sent a letter to the Argentine Football Association (AFA) to complain about the mocking of the champions’ celebrations, mainly , Emiliano “Tibu” Martinez. And it created a reaction in a humorous tone.

Argentinians react to claims of “stop crying France”

In It was opened A request “So the French will stop crying”. And he explains: “Since we won the World Cup final, the French have not stopped crying and complaining, not accepting that Argentina are world champions. The request is for the French to stop crying and accept that Messi is the best in football history and that Mbappe is his son. Early Friday morning in South America, it was already high 209,000 Rubiks.

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