The football player’s unusual circumstances required Shakira to keep custody of their children

Gerard PQActing in a film Controversial breakup with Shakiragetting ready Start a new season with FC Barcelona.

however, The Spanish footballer has his mind set on splitting the property with his ex-partner Y The safety of their two childrenMilan and Sasha.

The rift between the two celebrities was evident from the start Shakira had planned to move to Miami with her two childrenBut Piqué disagreed with this decision and He did not give his approval for the two minors to leave Barcelona.

Despite this status quo, Milan and Sasha’s custody dispute appears to be over, and it is FC Barcelona’s central defender will have a different condition for Shakira Start a new life in America

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According to the plan Hot table, Gerard Piguet would have asked two things to accept custody of Shakira their children Give authorization for both to leave Barcelona.

The first one would be that Shakira Allegation of tax fraud In Spain, The footballer must settle debts of more than USD 400,000.

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Pique and Shakira announced their separation on June 4, 2022 amid various rumors of the Spanish footballer’s infidelity. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

Likewise, Piqué’s second condition would be the same The Colombian singer buys her first-class plane tickets so she can see her children in Miami at least five times a year.

The FC Barcelona footballer’s alleged conditions were revealed days after he sent a message to Shakira. In this Expresses desire to conduct his division peacefully For the sake of their children.

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“I wish you all the best. The most important thing is the happiness and well-being of our children,” was the message Shakira allegedly received from her ex-partner.

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