The first space for immigrants was opened in Nuevo Leon

This week, the first place for migrants and refugees was opened in Nuevo Leon.

Governor Samuel Garcia. Mariana Rodriguez, from Amar Nuevo Leon; Martha Herrera, Secretary equality and inclusionThey were responsible for the inauguration.

Samuel Garcia made it clear during the inauguration that although the immigration issue is federal, his government will meet the needs of immigrants.

So let’s avoid exposing immigrants to these networks, and give them everything they occupy. I work here because we are workers. Social Security, there it is, because the Nuevo Leon health system is the best in Mexico,” the governor boasted.

Samuel Garcia concluded the event by saying, “We want Nuevo Leon to be the best place for them to be born again, grow, educate themselves and live with opportunity.”

What will be the space services for immigrants and refugees?

These are the services that will be provided in this space:

  • Information and legal advice on immigration and refugee issues.
  • Guidance services for access to education, health and work.
  • Advice for civil registry procedures.
  • Liaison with consulates.
  • Supporting the administration of proof of citizenship.
  • Voluntary Return Program Link.
  • Social and Economic Studies.
  • Access to Equality and Inclusion Secretary programs.
  • Support for Mexican sign language interpreters.

“The goal is for people to receive direct, clear and reliable information about their rights and obligations,” said Martha Herrera.

Support organizations

Among the organizations supporting the project:

  • Mexican Refugee Aid Commission (Kumar).
  • National Coordination of Government Offices for Concern for Migrants (CONOFAM).
  • Civil society.
  • State Human Rights Commission.
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM).
  • National Institute of Migration.
  • Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees.
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Together with these organizations, these organizations seek better management of migrants, provide and guarantee protection for this segment of the population, and promote inclusion and recognition of their rights.

The Equality and Inclusion space is located at the center of the Sierra Ventana community.

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