The first-leg semi-final tie between Motagua and Olympia in the CONCACAF League was a minute-by-minute experience.


– minute by minute –

Final Result | Modagua 0-0 Olympia

90+3: Done! 0-0 draw at national level! After a dramatic close, Motagua and Olimpia didn’t take advantage in the first leg of the CONCACAF League semi-final: several post shots and saves in the final stretch added emotion to what was otherwise a flat game.

Added a three-minute discount!

89: Great kick! Marcelo Santos is excused by central Mario Escobar: the blue side go all the way to Gabriel Araujo and see only yellow.

86′: UFFFF! Almost scores on the Olympia backtrack! The Lion capitalized on the gaps and he was about to score with a brilliant shot from Brian Moya: the shot grazed the crossbar.

86′: Close Menjower! A bombshell from outside the area was coolly dismissed by Marcelo Santos and the Olympia goalkeeper.

85: But someone shoots the curve! Motacua concentrates on attack and in three attempts he dares not shoot before sneaking into the defensive area. Finally, he rejected white protectionism.

82′: Cyclone is highly encouraged to complete the curve to see if it picks up oil; It doesn’t achieve anything, but at least it tries.

77′: Double change on Motagua: Ivan Lopez and Eddie Hernandez leave; Enter Roberto Moreira and Angel Tejeda.

75′: Olympia comes and goes, but no one appears as she centers the area… Bengoche 12 minutes left without touching the ball.

72′: Bombing from Hurricanes! Modakua Merengua follows through on goal and again goalkeeper Menjiver is at mercy but he fails inside the area.

71′: Change at Olympia: Jerry Bengston exits, George Bengucci enters.

66′: Yellow: Jerry Bengston’s slap and Mario Escobar’s central defender got the first warning of the game.

63′: Double change at Olympia: Boniek García and José Pinto left; Enter Jorge Alvarez and Brazilian Yann Maciel.

62′: Double change on Motagua: Diego Rodriguez and Jonathan Nunez left; Enter Walter Martinez and Argentine Mauro Ortiz.

56: Again Rougier and Olympic postage! Striker Jerry Bengston came close to opening the scoring: a header into the six-yard box and the Blue goalkeeper responded by deflecting the ball off the crossbar. Albos’ goal is hot.

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53′: Rougier! Closed! Jose Mario Pinto, with two marks on him, dared to shoot from the edge of the area and the Motagua goalkeeper avoided thanks to his excellent reflexes before curling a wonder shot at the near post.

fifty’: The mechanics of the game remain the same. We continue without clarity in areas, emotions are cold.

Let the second half begin! There are no variations in capital ranks.

45+3: First half ends! Eagles and lions equally go to rest. With little or nothing behind after 45 minutes, the Blues had a late zoom into extra time, the most exciting action of the match so far.

45 + 1: Motagua Postazo! Olympia saved! After a cross from the left crossed the entire area, Juan Delgado finished with a strong volley and goalkeeper Menjivar deflected it towards the right metal. This is a clear act of competition.

Added a three-minute discount!

Four. Five: The meeting process is very difficult. The capital clubs did not give up on the break and continued without a show.

37′: Nothing happens here. Eagles and lions don’t do or let do. Already we don’t sing a shot on target.

32′: Too many mistakes by the Hurricanes in midfield. Michael Chirinos is the target.

29′: STOP! Olympia goalkeeper, Eric Menjivar, went down with a muscle problem. The game stopped for a minute and a half. Perhaps, substitute goalkeeper Jose Mendoza is already warming up.

27′: UFFFFFFF… That’s how close Diego Rodriguez’s blue free kick from the crescent was. He was going in a good direction but the ball barely went over the crossbar.

23′: A bit of fur… That was Olympia’s first shot at Motaqua’s goal. Michael Chirinos He finished very timidly 20 meters from the goal.

twenty’: There is a lot of inaccuracy due to the intensity of the coding. So far we have not yet seen the brilliance of a bad national field, but yes, without a clear dominance, the game is very entertaining. Lots of back and forth.

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fifteen’: The first quarter of the match and still Leon continues without firing between the three posts defended by Jonathan Rougier.

7′: Shot by Eddie Hernandez into the Olympic area, it hit the arm of defender Brian Beckels. Midfielder Mario Escobar was allowed to continue.

5′: Follow Motaqua Bombing enemy camp. Olympia tries to shake off the follow but can’t find the depth. A very serious start.

2′: Bomber in the hands of Menjour! After a long field by Olimpia, Motagua launched a counterattack that ended with Eddie Hernandez’s fierce shot beating the goalkeeper.

7:06 PM: The match begins at the National Stadium! Motagua and Olimpia are already playing in Tegucigalpa in the semi-final first leg of the CONCACAF League.

– sport –


Modagua: Jonathan Rougier; Wesley Degas, Denil Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Santos; Hector Castellanos, Jonathan Nunez, Juan Delgado; Diego Rodriguez, Ivan Lopez; Eddie Hernandez.

Olympia: Eric Menjivar; Carlos Sanchez, Jose Garcia, Brian Beckels, Maylor Nunez; German Mejia, Bonique Garcia; Michael Chirinos, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya; Jerry Bengston.

6:30 PM: Olympia attacker Michael Chirinos will be looking to have an inspired night against a determined opponent. On Saturday he hit a National League double.

6:20 PM: Both the teams hit the National Ground for warm-up practice.

6:10 PM: Best atmosphere in chair and shaded area. Fans of both clubs live the preview in full steam.

6:00 PM: Rows Confirmed! Modagua leaves its goalscorer Roberto Moreira on the bench. Olimpia did not call up striker Yustin Arbolida.

Modagua: Jonathan Rougier; Wesley Degas, Denil Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Santos; Hector Castellanos, Jonathan Nunez, Juan Delgado; Diego Rodriguez, Ivan Lopez; Eddie Hernandez.

Olympia: Eric Menjivar; Carlos Sanchez, Jose Garcia, Brian Beckels, Maylor Nunez; German Mejia, Bonique Garcia; Michael Chirinos, Jose Mario Pinto, Brian Moya; Jerry Bengston.

5:50 PM: A good number of fans are starting to cover the sector of Sol Este. Also, the playground is dilapidated.

5:30 PM: The lion has arrived! Olympia from 7pm to the gala decorated stage.

5:30 p.m: This is how blue fans dress the capital’s property.

5:25 pm: Cyclone arrives at National Stadium!

5:10 PM: Two hours before the start of the match, the crowd of fans started pouring in. More than 25 thousand tickets were sold.

5:05 PM: Info! About 500 policemen will be on security duty at the National Stadium where Motagua is local.

5:00 PM: We’re kicking off with a preview of a vibrant encounter staring at Honduras!

– Previous –

Motagua Olympia will meet tonight in the first leg of the semi-finals Concacaf League Chelato Uclés kicks off at 7:06pm at the National Stadium.

This Wednesday the nation’s capital will be brimming with energy, football and passion with the capital derby in a new edition of an international competition.

It was the second tie in the match between the two most successful clubs in Honduras. Let’s remember that Olympia ousted Motagua in 2020 with goals from Maylor Nunez and Taibi Flores in the quarter-finals.

How do they get there?

The Blue Cyclones, who will be the “home club” for this first semi-final, unforgettably knocked out Tavro from Panama after 180 minutes in a harrowing 0-0 draw that culminated in penalty kicks.

As for Olimpia, they had no problem shredding the Nicaraguan Cacique Triangan, which ended 7-2 for Albos.


Regarding the casualties, Hernan Medina, the Blue technical director, confirmed that central defender Marcelo Pereira will not be in the game and there are doubts over the appearance of midfielder Jesse Moncada.

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For the Lions, Joseman Figueroa missed the derby due to yellow cards.

data sheet

Time: 7:00 PM

Broadcast: ESPN and STAR+.

Venue: Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

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