The first grips with Android 12 represent big visual changes

Some of the images that have been screen shots explaining the features of the next Android version have been released by XDA developers. These represent visual changes, bigger than we expected, and the long-awaited privacy feature being developed from Android 10 Q and iOS received last year.

XDA developers have not explicitly confirmed the authenticity of the images, which may be screenshots or presentations. However, the Android Police can confirm that some of the details in these screenshots correspond to our expectations for some future features and other non-public information we have about Android 12 in general. .

It is not yet known, but the new system can use this light color scheme. So far we know that Android 12 includes a theme layout that will allow users to customize their interface and applications. It seems that the camera application can also use the new color scheme.

In the upper right corner new privacy indicators are expected to be introduced with Android 12 – which is similar in color and functionality to iOS.

Unlike Apple Indicators, Google clearly shows whether a microphone or camera is accessible. As far as we know, Google should provide more details and release Android 12 by the end of this month, so we’ll have to wait until then to see how things turn out.

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