The FIA ​​provides catering space for associations and groups

The Fuerteventura Island Craft Fair, the Antigua City Council and the Mavasca Collective remind you of spreading the foundations of restoration service excellence. The FIA ​​provides catering space for associations and groups.

We have created a tented space to offer a restaurant service that serves two main purposes, says the city's mayor, Matías Peña García, “providing food and comfort service to attendees, enhancing those offered by nearby cafés and restaurants, as well as supporting culture, neighborhoods, educational associations or sports clubs in need.” To finance to promote its projects.

In this sense, the president of the Mavasca group, Nerida Brito, states that cultural or educational groups or associations or sports clubs can submit an application until April 15, at the Culture Department of the Antigua City Council, at the institution’s headquarters. Mafasca Collective or via email [email protected], where you can also refer to the rules with the requirements and documents necessary for submission, also published on the bulletin board of the website

The FIA ​​provides catering space for associations and groups

The purpose of collecting this restoration service will be for the benefit of the winning association itself, allocating the economic benefits to the economic benefit and not to private or private purposes, says the culture consultant, Jonathan Peña.

The organization of the Fuerteventura Island Craft Fair 2024 will evaluate the applications and award the restoration service through a draw among all applications that meet the required requirements.

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