The Federation Espacio Peñas will open from the 15th to the 24th of September

The change of location is one of the variables considered in the Espacio Peñas 2023 edition of the San Mateo 2023 festivities in Logroño. It is understood that moving Morita to La Ribera Park and to the Lake District and to what used to be a municipal concession bar with its wooden pergolas could provide a lot of play, but there is still no firm decision, although it cannot belong to.

Pinas Union President Daniel Baron indicated that the matter was discussed with municipal officials at a meeting in the city hall yesterday morning and that the city council does not look at this option in a bad light. Can Espacio Peñas and fires coexist in La Ribera? Yes, according to Barron’s calculations, using means and organization. The next few days are key to finalizing what will happen to Espacio Peñas, which at this point is one of the main attractions of the El Matias festivities, as evidenced by the attendance figures for its events.

Barron confirmed that what is already known is that the opening will be on September 15, the eve of the launch, and that the closure will take place on September 24. Working hours will also be brought forward, as they will be around eleven and eleven thirty in the morning, compared to twelve o’clock until now. At night, the weakest days will close around 1pm, while other days, such as Prishopenazoo or St. Matthew’s Eve, may be at 2am.

The programming will, as usual, be eminently musical, which, for Benista, represents the main shortcoming of the Almatea festivities compared to those in other surrounding cities. But the general activity of the family will also be preserved.

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