The father handed over his son to MP to take part in a fight

Dad sends his son back in front of MP for taking part in a fight. Photo: Video capture X via @RuidoEnLaRed

Who is the father of a teenager? Participated in a school fight in Sonora As a boy was injured by a knife, he handed over his son to the Public Ministry to clarify the facts.

On September 23, at the Bachelor of Industrial and Services Technology Center (CBTIS) 40 located in Guimas, a fight broke out between youths at the departure time of the morning shift.

Several videos showing how V started circulating on social networksYoung Aryans kicking and punching a lesson On several occasions and they threw away his backpack; You can hear someone yelling: “Send to see&%!”

Later, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sonora issued a statement in which they gave details of how the conflict began: “It originated from a fight between two young men, one of whom was seriously injured with a knife, and the same thing happened in another small incident.”

“Upon noticing the above, friends of the injured person rushed towards the man who was still wielding the knife to beat him up and these pictures posted on social networks went viral,” they pointed out.

It is mentioned in the letter Both youths have been hospitalized. One of them with serious injuries. They said four minors, two 15-year-olds, one 16 and another 17, were detained and admitted to the Institute for Treatment and Applications of Adolescents (ITAMA) along with their aggressor.

On the record now circulating on the networks, andA father of one of the attendees mentions that he takes his son before the public service: “They need this, I’m making this video so they know my son didn’t run away like I said in the comments.”

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“Another thing I’d like is for parents of other young children to get together and talk to them, but tell them the truth about how things were because they didn’t. His statements are irrelevant“They don’t match the facts in the videos that many people have already seen because they are affiliated with CPDIS,” the person continued.

In addition, he commented that it was a bit complicated for him to take his family member:It is with pain in my heart that I bring my son to entrust him to public ministry, because they need it and here I bring it. “I’m sure they’ll do a good job as the officials said before.”

“It hurts me as a father, but he’s asking for it, I hope this gets resolved, this problem gets fixed. My son needs to continue to study. It’s not fair that this is happening, I can’t believe how far things have come, based on the lies and everything they’ve said, ” he concluded.

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