The fastest USB stick at the moment is reduced by 44% and costs only $154

A Kingston DTExodia 64GB USB Drive can be yours for $102 pesos. Photo:

In the middle of 2022, anyone should own a file Flash Memory to store their personal files, but most likely many are depositing their important files in very old and slow memories. Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your personal safe? Well, pay attention to this offer.

Do I need a USB 3.2 stick?

Your old USB device is outdated for several reasons. It may be completely scratched, the protective cover is missing and the internal storage is practically full, but what you have to worry about is its performance.

Chances are that having a USB 2.0 stick (and maybe even a very old USB 1.0 stick) won’t give you proper performance. Flashbacks reach write speeds that today are a punishment for files currently being transferred, so the best thing you can do is get one that allows you to save your stuff at full speed.

And the great option is This is Kingston’s memoryThe Exodia traveler datawhich has a capacity 64 GB Provides communication technology USB3.2 Gen 1 portor what is the same, it is capable of reaching the fastest speeds that a USB stick can reach today.

Kingston Data Traveler Exodia.  Image: Amazon

Kingston Data Traveler Exodia. Image: Amazon

The importance of speed

Considering that photos and videos take up more and more space, passing those heavy files can become a real torment if we use slow memories. For this reason, choosing this model from Kingston will speed up your backups and make things easier for you.

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Of course remember that to take advantage of its potential You need a computer with USB 3.0 portsOtherwise, you will not be able to increase the speed of this memory. If the storage capacity offered by 64GB is not enough for your needs, you can always choose models 128 s 256 GB also present. However, this 64 GB version contains a file 44% off So we think this is a great opportunity for high performance memory For only $154.

Kingston Data Traveler Exodia.  Image: Amazon

Kingston Data Traveler Exodia. Image: Amazon

A memory that you carry with you always

Its size and lightness make it an ideal model to always carry with you, and even use as a keychain, as it has a loop where you can attach your keys and other belongings. Memory is available in several different colors, although the color will depend on the capacity you choose. In the case of the 64 GB version, it will be blue.

In addition, the removable cover that exposes the USB connector can be placed on the ring to avoid losing it, so you can always protect the memory from dust.

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