The eldest daughter of Marco Antonio Solis raised the temperature with a plunging neckline

Singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solis He is going through one of the best years of his career with the development of the tour “El Buqui Tour Mundial 2023”. After a March that “sold out” all of his presentations, April began the same way with his show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and in two weeks he will continue his schedule throughout Mexico.

Marco Antonio Solis poses. Source: Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_oficial

Last weekend he proved once again why his 40-plus year career has impacted not only his fans but also his own family. The thing is Marco Antonio Solis A version created with his daughters Marla and Alison released his hit “Where My Spring Bees” and revolutionized lovers of his music.

Marco Antonio Solis poses. Source: Instagram @marcoantoniosolis_oficial

This product was shared by “El Booki” on his Twitter account. instagram He has 3 million followers there. On this social network you can find fragments of his works and the latest performances presented, which is why the songs of Marco Antonio Solís are among the musical preferences of many generations, including millennials.

Post by Beatriz Solis on Instagram

When reviewing the life of Marco Antonio Solís, apart from Marla and Alison, it cannot be ignored that “Bookie” has another daughter dedicated to music. Beatrice Solis She is the eldest daughter of the Mexican singer, the result of his relationship with singer and actress Beatriz Adriana. At the age of 33, he stands out in the music scene and in social networks.

The eldest daughter of Marco Antonio Solís has more than 150,000 followers on the platform. instagram To whom she admits posts where she can be seen wearing a variety of outfits that highlight her beauty and statuesque body. In the last few hours Beatrice Solis She shared a video on her stories in which she showed herself with a pronounced neck and raised the temperature of the screens. In this way, she proved once again why she is one of the most beautiful women in the “bookie” family.

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