The dizziness of Netflix’s “Tinder scammer”

(CNN Spanish) – Raise your hand if you find true love through the dating app.

Raise your hands to those who have been deceived in the dating app.

Why Netflix Documentary, “Tinder scammer”, Fascinated many around the world? What are the elements that have attracted men and women around the world?

According to the TV critic Alvaro Cueva It has all the great elements of a great story: “First you have a sick and bad part, while at the same time love and the good part.”

“You have those elements, if you add the erotic part that fills the way from the beginning to the end, and the applications (applications) for entertainment,” he adds.

The story behind “The Tinder Scammer”

The story of the documentary revolves around Simon Levy, whose real name is Shimon Yehuda Hayuth, who plays the son of a millionaire who tricks women around the world into dating through Tinder.

In this story, we meet three women who have been deceived: Sicily Schrder Fijelhoy, Bernila Sjohom And Aileen Charlotte Who fell in love with Simon and fell into debt for his love.

Through the use of Tinder, Lviv “succeeded” women, who owed thousands of dollars to financial institutions. According to the documentary, police reports reveal that Lviv stole more than $ 10 million from various women.

“I feel there is a kind of collective perversion on a social level that invites us to enjoy watching how others fall. It invites us to experience the stupidity of others,” says Alvaro Cueva.

The existing attraction to this character

The most watched documentary on Netflix for the first two weeks of February is “The Tinder swindler” or “The Tinder swindler”. The story of these three women who were cheated on by Simon Leviathan was watched on stage for more than 64.7 million hours.

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What made this documentary so popular? Why is it so popular with audiences around the world? Did you see that? Do you know someone who has been deceived?

We invite you to listen to the episode in which Alvaro Cueva listens to his view from the TV page.

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