The “crazy” gesture he showed with Lionel Messi and Kwicha Kvaratskelia

LItalian football star Quicha KvaratskeliaHe shared his amazing experience Lionel Messi A few weeks ago during the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris. Kvartzkelia, who admires the Argentina striker, described the match as “crazy”.

The young player expressed his appreciation Messi And he highlighted an unusual detail he experienced during the event, as the world champion, despite his star tag, stood up and congratulated him. Quaratskelia.

“Maybe if I tell the story they won’t believe it. Messi It completely changed me as a person after that. Of course I knew him as a player, it is very difficult to find a player like him in the entire history of football,” player Andro Gelatze told the journalist.

Kvaratskelia’s unforgettable moment with Messi

Galata Golden Ball It’s a prestigious event that brings together the best talent in world football, with Argentina winning its eighth trophy a few days ago, but with a gesture the Serie A star will never forget.

“Well, we were sitting in the gala during a break in the ceremony. He was sitting on my right side. Leo suddenly stood up. I didn’t know why he did that. I didn’t know where he was going while we were there. He missed us and I warned him that we should be seated during the break, but He walked straight towards me, I didn’t know what was happening, suddenly he gave me his hand to shake, I was so confused, I stopped immediately. Got up and shook hands. After this “he greeted me and walked back to his seat. After this he earned me the greatest respect. It was crazy for a player like him to stand up to say hello. He is an incredible person and I respect and admire him very much.” .

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These types of stories not only reveal the greatness of the players on the field but also their impact by inspiring and creating as they did. Messi with Quaratskelia.

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