The CR7 was sparked by releases about his goal of winning the Balon d’Or more than Messi.

The Portuguese star will not attend the exhibition, and explained what his goals are and attacked Pascal Ferrero, the head coach of French football.

Striker for Manchester United and Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo Was heavily charged on Pascal Ferrero, Editor-in-Chief France football, After Ferrero pointing out that the main desire of El ‘Picho’ should be even greater Ballon d’Or That Lionel Messi.

Before the gala of Ballon d’Or 2021 Responsible France football, Ronaldo Posted a message on his official account Instagram Pascal’s statements must be refuted. The Lucidanian star did not reveal the reasons why he did not attend the awards, but pointed out that Ferrero also lied about the reasons for his absence.

We share the full message here Cristiano Ronaldo:

Today’s results explain why Pascal Ferrero As he said last week, my only ambition is to study more for my degree Ballon d’Or That Lionel Messi.

Pascal Ferre lied, he used my name to advertise me and the publication he works for. It would be unacceptable for the person responsible for awarding such a prestigious award to lie in such a way as to utterly disrespect someone who has always valued French football. Golden Ball. He lied again today, justifying with an isolation that I did not come to the gala.

I always want to congratulate the winners on the athleticism and fair play that have guided my life from the beginning, and I do so because I am not against anyone. I always win for myself and the clubs I represent, and I win for myself and those who love me.

The biggest ambition of my career is to win national and international titles for the club I represent and the national team of my country. The biggest ambition of my career is to be a great role model for anyone who is or wants to be a professional footballer. The greatest ambition of my career is to write my name in gold letters in the history of world football.

I conclude by saying that my focus is already on the next Manchester United game, along with my teammates and our fans, on everything that can still be achieved this season. balance? The rest is just the rest

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