The court is hearing a mandatory review of the coercive action in the Octopus case

The judge of the National District Third Trial Court today learned of the mandatory review of the coercive action granted against the defendants in the Octopus Anti-Corruption Network case.

Judge Pablo Impert is reviewing the action taken against the panel of defendants Judge Alejandro Vargas, the permanent focus of the National District.

At the hearing, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) and harassment asks the court to order the maintenance of the accused in prison, while asking for a variation on the defendants’ security coercion action.

According to the case, they are being held in the Najo Francisco Pagan Rodriguez prison. Achilles Alexander Christopher Sanchez, Fernando Rosa Rosa, Julian Esteban Suriel Chuvaso, Jose Dolores Santana Carmona and Advocate Vernavel Mendes Pineta.

Others involved include Danilo Medina’s sister Carmen Magalis Madina Sanchez, former health minister Lorenzo Wilfredo (Freddie) Hidalgo Nice and former Republican Comptroller General Rafael Antonio Germos Andazer.

In the first case, the judge ordered the accused to be remanded in custody after accepting a motion filed by the Ministry of Public Works.

With the court set to hear the case on July 21, a compelling review of the actions of Alexis Medina Sanchez, brother of former President Danilo Medina, will take place.

Alexis’ review was separated from the others, after they ordered the MP to provide the defendant with the proceedings he had carried out during the investigation, such as search warrants, kidnapping and trial.

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