The Colorful House: a dynamic, fun and bold space

Moreover, the clients' inspiration could not be clearer: the design and cinema of Wes Anderson, whose nuances guided the entire renovation. Although it was the tones and luster of the marble-look porcelain countertop that the client fell in love with, he ended up creating the colors for the project: “In a way, it was an adaptation of the rest of the work, but we were very happy with the idea.” To create a colorful home.”

Ladder access to upper floor.

Paul Jenny

“We incorporated strong colors in several areas of the house: dark green for the entryway, stairs and bathroom Hall From above, to enhance and connect those three spaces, the dark blue in the living room is through the shelves, which we combined with “Ceràmica Ferrés Green” for the fireplace. “They are two tones that we love, and they fit perfectly with the space,” says Somos Nido.

Pictures and paintings.

he Hall The first floor is decorated with artwork.

Paul Jenny

White entrance.

View of the corridor giving access to the children's sleeping area.

Paul Jenny

The master bedroom, for its part, is characterized by a warm pink color, which also harmonizes with the wood of the dressing room and the upholstered headboard. “The place where we took the most risk was the girls' bedroom, where we put some papers they had chosen. We covered the walls and ceilings with wallpaper to give a sense of sanctuary. It's a beautiful place, with a hidden playroom where you can lose track of time.

Wall mirror.

The upper floor opens to the lower floor through large windows, enhancing the feeling of fluidity.

Paul Jenny

Specially designed

Somos Nido projects are characterized by the presence of… Custom furnitureAllowing you to get the most out of each home depending on the meter and population requirements. In this case, in fact, there are hardly any purchased parts.

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