The club bid farewell to Leon Luis ‘Chabito’ Montes; Is he retiring?

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Luis Montes’ tenure as a Lyon player will come to an end Next Monday, January 16, is the date the Emerald team will take advantage of It should be respected to recognize its rich history In the company, in which He has won three Liga MX titles and earned promotion.

At the age of 36, The nickname Sapido is looking for new options in footballIn the midst of a revolution at the leading Emerald company Nicholas LargamonThe club’s new strategist.

Panzas Verdes invited fans to attend To say goodbye to his statue at the Nou Camp, who In his prime he was considered one of Mexico’s best midfieldersHe was less on the bench and more consistent for at least a year or two.

“Don’t miss it. Next Monday. Half-time. Historic moment. Goodbye Captain. Thanks Chapito”, read a video recap of some of Montes’ best moments with the Emerald Club. Two-time champion in inaugural 2013 and final 2014Other than that it was in the title Guardians 2020.

Is Chapo Montes Retiring?

According to information from Fox SportsA chain that broadcasts matches of the Emerald Club, Montes will now play for Everton in ChileCompany Affiliated with Grupo PachucaThat link has opened doors for many Mexican players since its inception.

Mountains, what Arrived in Lyon in June 2011 While he was in the Silver Division, he became a benchmark within the organization, especially after his great contribution during the Gustavo Madosas era.

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