“The Book Fair is a space for consensus building and reconciliation”: Mayor Ospina

With a play by Israeli artist Ornan Brier, the seventh International Book Fair of Cali 2022 opens tonight (10.12.2022), which will gather nearly 800 writers until October 23.

Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina was present at the event at the Jorge Isaac Theater, which was attended by Israel’s Ambassador to Colombia, Galli Dagan. This year, that country was the guest of honor in the cultural competition.

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“I have always believed that the way to build consensus and advance reconciliation is from scenarios that have been shaped like our book fair and our community library network, a scenario in which a good word and text gives you opportunities to correct the past and be able to make the future visible,” Ospina expressed.

The Israeli ambassador noted that Colombia and his country are strategic allies, and that they also have close relations with Valle del Cauca, by supporting knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship processes.

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“For the State of Israel, it is a matter of pride for the State of Israel to be the guest of honor at the 7th edition of the Cali Book Fair, a city that connects with my country because of its agricultural and cultural mission. This is the first cultural event that I have run since my appointment as ambassador to Colombia, and this is my first time in Callie,” Dagan said.

Paola Guevara, the exhibition director, indicated that they worked for six months to implement this event, which is embodied thanks to an alliance between the public and private sectors.

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“This is one of the most important fairs in the country, has the distinction of being free and travels to 13 municipalities in the valley, thanks to the support of the University of Del Valle,” Guevara said.

FIL Cali 2022 will be the meeting point of Bolivar del Rio, with more than 600 activities and the participation of 100 local and international publishers.

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