“The Birthday Prisoner”; Mingob points out why they condemned the six SP guards

The guards condemned the prisoner for allowing the meeting without permission. (Photo: Video Capture)

Six guards of the System of Prisons (SP) have been reprimanded by the institution authorities for allegedly allowing an inmate to hold a celebration for which his transfer to receive medical treatment was stopped.

Last Tuesday, June 11, Interior Minister Francisco Jimenez announced that two complaints had been filed against SP agents.

An internal investigation confirmed it They collaborated with an inmate for a birthday celebration. A part of the scene was recorded on video and is going viral on social media.

The SP assured that the guards who allowed the inmate to meet his girlfriend would be suspended

The prisoner was allowed to leave

On the orders of the Directorate General of Prisons (DGSP) judge, the prisoner was allowed to leave and was shifted to the Medical Hospital, Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic Center on May 31.

However, the six guards who accompanied him were stopped along the way, which was neither planned nor sanctioned.

The prisoner was allowed to celebrate his partner's birthday. He brought balloons as seen in the viral video.

As the SP constables failed to comply with the security norms, the Home Ministry officials registered the above complaint. Further, disciplinary action was also announced to the inmates.

A complaint filed with the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) seeks an investigation into the possible commission of crimes:

  • Abuse of power.
  • Breach of duty.
  • disobedience
  • usurpation of powers.
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And the guards said

Apart from the complaint against the six constables who accompanied the prisoner, there is another complaint against the security agents of 102 SP.

It seeks to investigate whether guards at El Infernito, a Canadian maximum security prison located in Esquintla, engaged in illegal activities.

After an operation in the aforementioned prison, various dens and illegal items were discovered, which is why the general director of the SP, Sergio Vela, pointed out that “we are not going to tolerate illegal actions or violations of obligations.”

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