The biggest fraud was the theft of $ 36 billion from the US government

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The United States has poured billions of dollars into unemployment since the spring, providing a way for fraudsters to get at least $ 36 billion from unemployed Americans.

Most thefts are centered on helping local unemployment, which is a temporary scheme Under the Cares Act The Federal Reserve in March, and it offers unemployment benefits to ineligible workers such as self-employed, temporary workers, part-time workers, contractors and part-time workers.

In early November, at least $ 36 billion of the total $ 360 billion in unemployment benefits under the GAIRS Act were lost due to improper payments, most of which were fraudulently estimated by the Inspector General’s Department of Labor office. Network CNBC

As part of the $ 900 billion Govt relief package approved last month, the federal government and states are now tightening their belts and asking workers to prove their eligibility for assistance. However, it is feared that this will slow down the delivery of aid to those in need.

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For his part, Blake Hall, founder and CEO of, which provides identity verification services to a dozen unemployment agencies in the United States, said:

This is the biggest fraud attack on the United States.

Hall told CNBC that the claims were fraudulent With help With generous weekly payments in some states, it could represent 35% to 40% of new demands, noting that “international organized crime gangs from countries such as China, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia are responsible for most attacks.”

Their fraud can take many forms. According to Hull, the most common problem is identity theft, where criminals steal personal data to place an order on behalf of another, and in some similar scams, the attackers convince victims to verify their identity in order to get a job or win a prize.

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