The best Romanian mathematician did not take into account that he would die far from the country

As before, he is invited to prestigious universities to talk about his favorite subject, mathematical logic.

On May 21, 1973, at 7 pm, he lay in bed to rest after an Eskimo art exhibition in Ottawa.

A little dizzy, he sits in an armchair through the window as he wishes and tells his wife, “Your lungs are not compensated.”

He puts his head back as usual, but this time forever. Gregor Moisil died at the age of 67.

He attended the high schools of Waslow (1916-1918) and Bucharest (1918-1923).

He studied at the Faculty of Science in Bucharest (graduated in 1926).

Mathematician (1929) with the dissertation “Analytical Dynamics of Continuous Systems”.

He continued his training in Paris (1930-1931, 1932) and Rome (1931-1932). In 1931 he became a mathematician in Bucharest.

Professor in the field of diversified and integrated computer science at IC University (since 1939). He opened the first modern algebra course held at the University of Romania.

Invited in 1942, he taught at the University of Bucharest in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Mathematics – Faculty of Physics and Philosophy.

He was Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the Institute of Geography and Mining Technology (1948-1951) in Bucharest.

Organized the Computer Center of the University of Bucharest, which was announced as the Director of the Cooperative Council.

He was also head of the Department of Applied Algebra at the Mathematical Society of the Romanian Academy.

He was Romania’s ambassador to Ankara, Turkey (1946-1949).

He was a pioneer in the application of functional analysis in dynamics and different geometries.

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