The Best Places To Travel In 2023

We all know one of the most authoritative sources in the world of geography and travel – National Geographic. It is the magazine that for sure knows literally everything about animals, nature, culture and travel. Let’s see which countries are worth visiting in 2023 according to an authoritative publication and experienced travelers. Let’s go!

Family trips

Family trips are always a separate interesting story. Here you need to please the opinions of several people at once. Choose the perfect food, entertainment, recreation. Be sure to add Switzerland to the list to visit in 2023. Switzerland is a country of beauty, wealth, incredible nature and wonderful people. It is a nice place for a healthy and relaxing vacation, which is a great place for a family holiday. There is a special traveler recommendation: if it is possible, rent a car and drive around the country, do not stay in the same city.

The recommendation on renting a car while traveling is relevant not only in Switzerland, but anywhere in the world. Think about how bright and picturesque the trip will open for you if you use a convertible car rental Dubai, rent an electric car in Sweden or go to conquer Germany in a sports car. A rented car is convenient, practical and profitable. Try it!


For adventurous travelers in 2023, travelers are advised to put aside all business and fly to the Austrian Alps! Just think what unforgettable impressions mountains leave in human memory. And when it’s the famous Alps, then a bright trip is guaranteed. Let 2023 be the time of fulfillment of the “traveler’s dreams”. Go to the Alps!

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For those who miss the pleasant feeling of unity with nature, in 2023 travelers recommend going to Scotland. Scotland is famous for its beauty, breadth and incredible combinations of colors in the landscape. In fairness, it is worth noting that here you will find not only incredible highlands and beautiful water features, but also entertain yourself by visiting various events, museums, art galleries and so on.

Visiting Scotland is an absolutely unique and wonderful experience. This place gives especially unforgettable impressions for those who used to love in another climate and cultural conditions.


If you are planning to escape from the cold in a warm winter, consider a trip to New Zealand. In winter months it is warm and sunny here, the average temperature varies from 19 to 22 degrees. At this time, a wine festival that attracts tourists is taking place in the country, and bungee jumping, surfing and diving are waiting for fans of extreme sports. With a strong desire, you can even become a speleologist. Of course, you will be greeted by magnificent landscapes: subtropical forests, beautiful islands, beaches, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes and endless plains.

New Zeland is always a unique experience and impressions. Don’t loose the opportunity to visit it!

Going in speaking about warm wintering, it is also recommended to consider India – the state of Kerala. At this time, it is not as hot here as in spring, while the warm water is suitable for swimming.

In the Western Ghats on the shore of the lake there is a National Reserve “Periyar” with an area of 775 km. Here you can admire nature and see many animals in their natural habitat. And you can not miss the opportunity to go on a tour of the plantation of spices and coffee. In addition, Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda, so go here to improve your health.

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We sincerely wish every traveler that in 2023 your travel piggy bank will be replenished for several trips and you will receive unforgettable emotions and impressions! Travel and have fun! Good luck!

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