The bear that was following a skier down a slope in Predeal was relocated to the west of the country— Video

The bear that last week followed a skier up a slope in Predeal was relocated on Friday to a hunting ground in the west of the country, where it has enough space not to interact with people.

The Ministry of the Environment proved that, on Friday night, the bear was captured, which a few days ago entered the Predeal ski slope.

“During this morning, the manager of the hunting fund, the Kronstadt Forest Authority, took the necessary steps to obtain the MMAP relocation agreement, which was quickly issued. The operation proceeded without incident and under the close supervision of the Mountain Gendarmerie, the INCDS specialists “Marin Drăcea” managed to capture the three-year-old specimen without the need to reassure, “the Ministry representatives explained in a post on Facebook.

According to them, the young bear is already heading to a hunting ground in the west of the country, where it will be relocated, with an area wide enough for the bear to live its life without human interactions.

Last Saturday, a skier was chased by a bear on the Clabucet slope in Predeal, the gendarmes intervening to remove the animal.

According to the representatives of the Brasov Gendarmerie, that afternoon there were three calls to 112 indicating the presence of a bear in Predeal.

“It was roughly the same bear, who appeared on Clăbucet and Subteleferic Slopes. On each call, the mountain gendarmes quickly intervened and pulled the animal off the slope. As they used a tracked ATV during the intervention, the noise produced pushed the bear into the forest. After repeated calls, I contacted the manager of the hunting fund, who will initiate the procedures for the relocation of the animal, “transmitted the Gendarmerie of Brasov.

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