The Barcelona member resigned after Messi left

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Release Lionel Messi Of Barcelona, For more than two decades belonging to the Blocronas, it was something that did not happen properly in the same club, so just hours after La Pulca’s farewell press conference, Parsa Space Commission, A letter of resignation and left Joan Laborda.

About Jaume Llopis, Professor at the IESE School of Business, University of Navarre, Messi regretted his position against Laporta for failing to achieve renewal.

Mundi showed Deportivo writings in which he tells the Catalan president that Lopez cheated on him and accused him of already being the manager who runs Messi. PSG.

Dear John:
You fooled me, Thought you were the only one capable of facing Florentino. I have no information, however Messi is sure to do a lot more to stay. The rest are many.
Messi is the main heir of Barcelona FC.
Let’s see when the Super League comes, when it comes, Mbappé strengthens PSG and makes it easier to go to Madrid. The perfect plan for Florentino. You will go down in history as the president who removed Messi.
Thank you for your trust in joining the Espoi Barsa Commission, although I do not have an official appointment or responsibility, I think I have provided positive things, but I am obliged to resign because I want to express my views freely. I congratulate you, “he wrote.

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