The Australian following the case was found naked in a crocodile forest

The Australian following the case was found naked in a crocodile forest

Thursday – 24 Jumata I 1442 AH – January 07, 2021 AD Issue no. [

Sydney – London: கிழக்கு Middle East:

On a crocodile-infested beach in northern Australia, two hunters found a naked man. He was prosecuted. He stood outside for a few days among the trees of this forest, especially feeding on snails.
Local media reported that Kevin Joiner and Cam Fast went fishing near the northern region’s capital, Darwin, on Sunday afternoon. According to Agency France-Presse, when tragic calls were heard from the person who was covered in mud and mosquito bites.
“We don’t understand what he’s doing there,” Kevin Joyner told The Nine News yesterday. The man was dehydrated and needed help, so Joiner says the two fishermen took him with them and gave him a drink and clothes and took him to Darwin. But when he reached the hospital, he was stopped by police for failing to comply with a judicial review in an arms robbery case.
The fishermen said they were surprised to see the man say he was lost when he turned around. State Police Officer Lynn Turner confirmed to the media that several cases are under investigation. He told ND News that “he has been arrested, but he is still being treated at the Royal Darwin Hospital, where he is being treated for his own test.”


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