The Asian version for the United States has no concept and studies

Could China, after a while, be the Asian version of the United States?
We do not know whether this question has been raised before in the context of China’s undeniable rise, the fall of the U.S. role internationally, and its forecast, along with its sharp internal divisions.
But what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said in a statement to him helped us to put the question in the above format, and the Chinese minister’s statement was not in favor of answering the question yes. On the contrary, he emphasizes that the world does not need China as “America.” Second, it indicates that Sino-US relations will improve if the two countries seek mutual cooperation.
The United States can say that the Chinese official’s statement is subject to concealment of Beijing’s real intentions. It has a decisive role in international politics, such as the United States. After the conquests, as the special readings indicate, it began to realize that it was the first political and military power and could no longer be the world’s first economic power.
Chinese Minister Washington blamed the tension on relations between the two countries, stressing that the relationship was facing unprecedented difficulties, accusing the US side of “trying to suppress China and start a new Cold War.” He seems to be criticizing the administration of outgoing President Donald Trump, saying that “such provocations are detrimental to the interests of both countries, and that the confrontation strategy has failed.”
Sooner or later, reports from the Chinese Foreign Ministry suggest that an Asian, especially Chinese, American version is in question, and that the main reason for this is due to the nature of China’s socio – economic system and the nature of its ruling political system. Washington is competing to play the role of “policeman”, which is about economic debate, and whoever wins the economic supremacy will ultimately win.
“Washington may be worried about China’s rapid growth,” the Chinese minister says, but he calls for “focusing on self-improvement rather than trying to prevent others from making progress”.
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