The anti-depressant effects of space documentaries


We have all experienced extremely negative periods, days when our usual vigour and energy seemed to have completely evaporated, buried under a blanket of sadness, anxiety, depression. It is an annoying and paralysing condition that prevents people from concentrating on their ordinary activities, even work, leaving them in the grip of a peculiar kind of despondency that most often goes hand in hand with a certain physical tiredness. It is not surprising that people, finding themselves in this condition, often wish to go to bed, in the hope that sleep (as well as taking them away from reality for a few hours) might bring some kind of advice to solve their misfortunes, one way or another. With what little willpower they have left, these people almost always try to find a way out of their misery, an antidote to depression, any kind of external help that can lift them up and return them to the world, like the tv series on PrimeVideo. These attempts include recourse to religion, with assiduous participation in religious ceremonies or rituals they had never felt the need for, or enrolling in some support group, which sometimes (but these are extremely isolated cases) manage to have some beneficial effect on people, giving them back some vitality and a tiny slice of their joy in life.

Unsuccessful attempts

But the truth is that people, in an attempt to turn around the depression and sadness into which they have plunged, are accustomed to proceeding by trial and error, almost always blindly, and that in most cases these makeshift expedients are of no use whatsoever, on the contrary. Sometimes they even manage to make matters worse, digging a clear furrow even further between the individual condition of depressed people and the rest of the world, which in the eyes of the unhappy will seem brighter and more radiant than ever. Those who are forced to cope with a condition of suffering must bear in mind an essential fact: the worst feelings, such as those related to depression and anxiety crises, are temporary, they do not last forever, and their end is established at the very moment they first appear in your soul, as a certain and inevitable fact. So if you find yourself in a situation of deep personal crisis, you can console yourself with the fact that the end of your suffering is just as inevitable as the existence of suffering itself. It is only a matter of time, all you have to do is try to endure and wait for their natural end (which will come soon).

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Practical solutions

Apart from this awareness, which is the first, concrete step out of the crisis condition, there are also practical expedients that can greatly help people to wait for the end of suffering, like a kind of fast-acting soothing drug. One of these is watching documentaries about space and NASA, the stars and planets that populate our universe. It may sound paradoxical, but that is exactly how it is: this kind of show has a clear anti-depressant effect, and for an extremely simple, even banal reason. Everyone is convinced that one’s problems, in the most acute stages of depression, are enormous, gigantic, elephantine. But what can we think of our personal misfortunes when we compare them to the immense vastness of space and the universe? What is our misery, compared to the boundless seas of Neptune? These documentaries, in a way, have the ability to completely reshape ourselves and our daily life on earth, and consequently also our personal problems and afflictions. Faced with the endless immensity of the galaxies, our personal problems become as big as a grain of sand.

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The practical methods to ease your suffering are right there before your eyes. You can use them at will, until you have regained your perfect serenity.

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