The Air Force is digitizing the airspace and making it more flexible

In the midst of a digital revolution where all aspects of life are flooded with constant renewal and technological development, The Air Force is not far behind in escalating progress The plan for digital transformation began, at the moment embodied in three projects. Among them, one stands out related to the reservation of airspace.

This project is set in digitization to provide greater flexibility for Spanish airspace. The new plan will allow all participating actors Use the space allocated to the military for any air vehicle, as long as the space is free. “Reserving airspace is becoming more and more complex. We want to try to digitize it to make it as flexible as possible so that civil aviation can use the areas we have reserved when we are not using them,” said Pedro Coriel Tormo, Army del Aire commander in charge of digital transformation, in an interview with Movilidad y Transporte. With this new progress, it will be possible to reduce the time for the military to occupy the airspacebecause what it offers is the adjustment of the time periods in which the military operates, and the elimination of downtime at the hands of Telefónica.

On the other hand, the leader explained the next startup of the Plus Ultra project. This program aims to manage and follow up on any plan that is developed, both at the tactical level and at the strategic level within all units. “It’s a program It will allow us to manage the various plans that have been developedThat is, if a unit wants to follow the plan, how it is implemented, what actors are involved, and where there are bottlenecks when implementing the plan, then this program will help implement the plans, and will also discover the possibility of deficiencies and search for alternatives to solve them.

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in third place, The Air Force is developing Project Titan with IBMAimed to perform mission-optimized programming. This initiative is based on the use of a program to Improve different army units and get more information about the type and level of training In the various specialties possessed by units of the Spanish Army. “Currently, it is very difficult to manage these training plans, and therefore it is necessary to use software that helps us manage all the resources that we have in order to make the best decision,” explains Colonel Pedro Curiel. With the Titan, what is obtained is a semi-automatic programming of flights, in addition, it allows to give information on the condition of each unit, and the ability to know how to set up the various units with great accuracy. This information is provided to senior military officials so that decision-making can be more effective and accurate.

aircraft refurbishment

In addition to what has been indicated so far, the Air Force also It renews its planes and the technology that helps maintain them. Without going any further, three multirole transport and mid-air refueling aircraft were purchased last year. Official sources in Airbus said: “These planes will restore to Spain the refueling capacity that it lost by removing the Boeing 707.” Last June, a program was signed to supply the Air Force with an additional 20 Eurofighter aircraft, the company indicated.

Airbus is also developing a new maritime patrol aircraft based on the C292. “This aircraft is very useful because it is a familiar platform for the Air Force, so all the training and all the logistics will be much simpler,” they say from Airbus. On the other hand, the European manufacturer is developing a maintenance drone for the A400M.

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But if there’s one thing that the military and its partners agree on, it’s it The way forward is the connection of all defense elementsUnderstand it as a whole.

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