The absence of tigers is why improper alignment

When Touin entered the Hugo Ayala team, the rules stipulated that only eight players who had not trained in Mexico at the same time should be on the field, in the event of Tigris disagreement.

Tigers Nine players in a row nOr trained in MexicoCircumstance means that Improper alignment During the second phase of the Clausura 2022 semifinals Atlas.

Before the start of the second half at Universidadio Stadium, Miguel Herrera sent the field. Of Florian thaw Hugo replaced Ayala, at which point the cats were playing with nine elements Not trained in Mexico Until the entry of Juan Pablo Vigone of Sodelto.

“Of the 11 key players, only 8 can be NFM players (Not trained in Mexico) … with the intention of involving at least 3 FM players (Trained in Mexico) Permanently, otherwise it will indicate Improper alignment And the club concerned are subject to sanctions. ” Liga MX in Article 48.

In 42 minutes of the match, Tigers Played with Nahuel Guzman, Guido Pizarro, Igor Lichnovsky, Carioca, Yeferson Soteldo, Andre-Pierre Gignac, Carlos Gonzalez, Luis Quiñones and Of Florian thaw.

Section 49 MX League “Distribution of players according to the rules of the article” will be considered non-compliance. Improper alignment And as punishment, the club loses the match, awarding the controversial three points to the opposing club.

Tigers He recovered from an early goal by Julian Quinones in the first half and scored four goals needed to advance to the final in the subdivision, but left Javier Aquino and Jesus Anglo as the only players on the field. Trained in Mexico.

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By the time Juan Pablo Vigone entered in the 87th minute, the Cats had not returned to conform to at least three elements. Trained in Mexico On the field, Jefferson Sodelto left.

The Regulation Indicates that an official inquiry may be conducted or the affected club may request a reconsideration of possible Improper alignmentIt would give the Reds and Blacks a 2-0 victory on the desktop and destroy the three goals scored by Andre-Pierre Kignock during the match.

Within minutes of the game, The MX League Given the circumstances of Yin’s improper alignment Tigers In the match against Atlas, The case will be referred to the Disciplinary Commission.

“Based on Article 48 of the Rules of the Match for the 2021-2022 season, La Liga BBVA states that the regulatory body establishes the participation of untrained players during a match and what happened in the semi – finals of the final between 2022. Tigers Y Atlas For analysis and resolution, “he said in a statement.

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