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Monrie, Nuevo León. – Elon Musk has already confirmed the Tesla factory in Santa Catarinanear Monterrey, which was called Mexico’s Gigafactory on Investor Day and many people are already wondering about salaries and vacancies for working in the company.

while still They haven’t confirmed exactly what the numbers could be paid forThe locations that will be needed for Tesla’s Monterey plant operations have been leaked

Currently, Tesla has operations in Mexico, Mainly in the areas of finance and sales. in pThe web page highlights some of the functions Available in the country. If your professional profile is suitable, don’t miss the opportunity to apply.

Salaries and vacancies at Tesla Mexico

Below we list some of the job vacancies they can apply for and the salaries they are paid, on average, according to Glassdoor.com

Mechatronics engineer

The monthly basic salary is from 162 to 177 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 2,124,000 pesos

Robotics engineer

Monthly basic salary from 102 to 111 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 1,332,000 pesos

Regional Supplier Manufacturing Engineer

A monthly basic salary of 85 to 100 thousand pesos

The annual salary is 1,200,000 pesos

the recruit

The monthly basic salary is from 57 to 63 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 756,000 pesos

Industrial Engineer

The monthly basic salary is from 33,000 to 36,000 pesos

Annual salary: 432,000 pesos


The monthly basic salary is from 24 to 25 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 300,000 pesos

work supervisor

Monthly basic salary from 24 to 27 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 324,000 pesos

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Service manager

The monthly basic salary is from 71 to 77 thousand pesos

Annual salary: 924,000 pesos

Senior accountant

Monthly basic salary from 70 to 76 thousand pesos

Annual salary of 912 thousand pesos

project manager

The monthly basic salary is from 69 to 75 thousand pesos

An annual salary of 900,000 pesos

marketing manager

The monthly basic salary is from 68 to 73 thousand pesos

An annual salary of 876 thousand pesos

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