Tesla has started hiring in Nuevo León

Tesla Inc has begun contracting with the plant it plans to open near Monterrey, Mexico, days after announcing the facility where it intends to manufacture the next generation of the electric car.

The automaker is looking for candidates for legal departments, construction safety management, financial analysts and logistics experts, according to job offers published in recent days.

The hiring boost highlights the speed at which Tesla tends to move with new factories.

CEO Elon Musk confirmed on March 1 that the Texas-based company would build the plant in the state of Nuevo León, a day after President Andres Manuel López Obrador unveiled an agreement.

The announcement of Tesla’s investment, which could eventually reach $10 billion in multiple stages, according to Nuevo León Governor Samuel Garcia, indicates growing business interest in northern Mexico.

Relocating companies seeking to be closer to American consumers — and avoiding the supply chain problems they faced with international shipping during the pandemic — has been very positive for the Mexican economy.

López Obrador spoke with Musk and recently met with Tesla executives, including Rohan Patel, a former Obama administration official who joined Tesla in January 2017.

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