Terrible madness in Italy! The goalkeeper gave his team the win in the 91st minute from his own area


Goalkeepers are still in the news and a recent chapter from the recent Italian Third Division will be remembered for a long time.

The game of a Spanish goalkeeper opened the discussion on the networks

The Modena He had to win to be number one in Serie C, against which he did not Imolis Calcium 1919. Seconds from the end and score score (1-1), goalkeeper Ricardo Cagno He took the right hand that ended in a goal and gave his team the win.

The Emolis Was in balance for 87 runs Modena Attacked in search of victory. The goalkeeper made a shot from his area and tried to connect with some of his teammates, but something unexpected happened: the ball bounced into the match area and crossed the goalkeeper. Rosie In ’91 he became a big hero on his team.

After the meeting, Cogno He mentioned the strange situation of his two. “First I want to convey an idea to my teammate Gian Maria Rossi, that scoring a goal like that is bad, but so is football. I still do not realize what happened, it’s an indescribable feeling. Happiness? I would have taken off my shirt, but I did not understand what was happening then. . “

This goal Cogno Can mean promotion ModenaThis is the first in Group B of Series C, which is the place where the direct promotion to the next category takes place two days before the end of the competition.

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