Telemundo has filed a lawsuit against the famous actor for using the name of two of his most successful series

The company exactly a year ago Telemundo Sent a notice to the actor and businessman Alberto Agnesi He named two of his tequilas for his partial use of the names of his two most important series, “The Lord of the Skies” and “Queen of the South”.

At the time, the TV station had promised to confuse the public and link the product to a TV production, although now the confusion seems to be gaining more popularity because, according to the ‘Spicy Woman’ portal, the chain is now a legal process against Agnesy and its allies.

They claim that Alberto names cannot be used, according to information released by Telemundo ‘Lord of the heavens’ and ‘Queen of the South’ Because it has no right to these names; Additionally it would be an abuse.

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It should be noted that Agnes had great success with her tequilas in the United States; It had already planned to expand them to Canada, Europe, Central and South America, and the television station was shut down with its legal procedures.

Telemundo also argues that the actor, who has appeared in four of the five seasons of the ‘Siora Azero’ series, is unaware that he has a record of his productions on the television station for that.

Alberto Agnesi

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