Teachers will be able to train in nuclear science

The agreement establishes the training and updating of teachers and normal students in concepts and applications of nuclear technology

The Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN) and the Specialized Unit for Continuous Training (UNEFCO), of the Ministry of Education, signed this Wednesday, in the city of Tarija, an agreement that establishes the introduction of the area of ​​nuclear technology in training and teacher update.

“This agreement was signed with the objective of incorporating into the formal educational curriculum of the State, scientific issues concerning the applications of nuclear technology for the development of the country,” indicates a press release.

The executive general director of ABEN, Hortensia Jiménez, explained that the signing of this agreement will work on training teachers in nuclear technology, because “they are the fundamental pillar of the education of Bolivian children and youth.”

“The application of nuclear technology occurs in all fields of people’s social and productive activities and cannot be separated from the system of training, familiarization and promotion of nuclear science and technology at all levels of the country’s educational system” , he pointed.

For her part, the national coordinator of UNEFCO, Rosa Calisaya, pointed out that education is everyone’s task and that everyone involved must contribute to improve the educational quality of the country.

He emphasized that the premise of the Government is food and technological sovereignty, and that with the agreement the coverage of teacher training and updating will be expanded, which he described as “very necessary in the country to improve the educational system.”

“Education is a fundamental pillar for the advancement of the peoples,” he asserted.

The agreement establishes the training and updating of normal school teachers and students in concepts and applications of nuclear technology, which will be carried out in a blended and virtual way divided into three parts.

“The first will be the Introduction to Nuclear Science, the second on Applications of Nuclear Technology, and the third on Nuclear Technology in Bolivia, framed in the work of updating and continuous training of Bolivian teachers”, according to ABEN.

Representatives of the teachers, normal students and ABEN authorities were present at the signing of the agreement.

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