‘Taught me not to be arrogant or extremist’

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Friday, September 1, 2023

Although Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella was removed from office last April 2023, some Cubans were surprised this week by the intervention of the new Minister of Education Naima Ariatne Trujillo Barreto at the Round Table.

Yitsy Lázara Pérez García shared a personal experience with the former senior leader from Havana this Wednesday.

“Ex-minister, you cannot imagine how I remember that afternoon when I took over as a young director. Chaos, reckoning with a new director and a wonderful deputy director, but she was not there long enough to give her maternity leave.

“You can’t imagine how much I wanted to achieve the things I did at that center, things I will never forget. A young director, with thousands of dreams and great love for his profession, was evaluated with the highest category, still in his first year, without experience in the position, but with an enormous desire to move the center forward.

“Today and every day of my life, I remember that afternoon you came unannounced to review a miserable assembly, which I had adjourned because my teachers were in progress.

I remember telling you as the director, ‘The assembly will be held tomorrow’, explaining the reasons for your absence. And he didn’t even say good afternoon when he came to my institute, just like that I (M) evaluated the activity. Over the years of my career, I have been the only (M) young director who struggled to raise his academic level and be rated as high as possible.

“Yes, I remember the way it was today. I waited years to see her from the office and I finally lived it up. For the record, I have continued to be an excellent professional and municipal administrator, and I have continued to love my profession as much as the day you shattered my self-respect and mandate.

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“But for that… thank you former minister, you taught me the most important thing that day not to be arrogant or extremist,” concluded Yitzy Lazara Perez.

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