Tata Martino joins Mexico to become the third best ERA in the World Cup

Guadalajara, Jalisco. /

The Mexican team Is inside Qatar 2022 With endless controversy, Gerardo Daniel Martino Because the primary purpose was achieved and things did better than that The Tri was second Also, The Dad Is a technician with The third best tie in the last six processes.

The victory against Tata was able to calm the water Savior And Mexico was in second place Concacaf were tied with Canada by 28 pointsWho was leading in goal difference, but Martino finished the pre-Qatar process with a Efficiency 66.66 percentJust below the Colombian, Juan Carlos Osorio Of course Russia 2018 And Ricardo Antonio La Wolf For Germany 2006.

Martino and El Tri scored 28 of the 42 points played The octagon of the concoction 63.33 per cent left the process Javier Aguirre For South Africa 2010They recorded 56.66 Korea and Japan 2002 And ended up going to Mexico with 36.66 Brazil 2014Where did they come from Playoff against New Zealand In the bombing Michael Herrera.

The most successful process in the last six The Wolf With 73.33 per cent put to dry Germany 200622 of the 30 points in dispute are Argentina’s mark of no problems in the CONCACOP.

Follows him Osorio 70 percent thanks for 21 points in the previous 30 fights Russia 2018Then give way to Tata.

Eight wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats were the final harvest of the Mexican national team, which was just below Canada by a goal difference because of those who made the Dry +9 and the Maple Leaf +16.

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It will be The eighth consecutive World Cup for the Mexican national team It did not fail at first United States 1994In the hope of being able to part with celebrities Fifth game and reach it in Qatar in 2022.


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