Tata Martino explained why he did not resign from the Mexican national team

In recent months, The Tata Martino caught in the eyes of the hurricane The strategist himself was responsible for the Mexican national team’s misdeeds before the World Cup and for putting an end to those suspicions. He explained why he was constantly leading the tricolor.

“It simply came to our notice then. Because we were never a group that escaped self-criticism, When we play badly, we say we play badly. But since June or July it has been established, playing with denial. Today he deserves to be denied, but we do not have to winHe said at a press conference after that 0-0 draw against Ecuador.

It is beyond the scope of a coach, but a standard Walk behind. I expected this to change with merit. To us We must try to play like we do today against Nigeria and recognize the mistakes we have made. We do good things and we do not insult anyone. If there’s anything to sustain this, it’s the relationship between leadership, players and coaching staff, and if it’s not certain, I will not be here, ”he added.

So far in 2022, The national team has no goalsAs He has not scored 8 goals in 10 gamesBut it did not bother Tata Martino, who recalled that he had that feeling in the tie only when he lost against the US and Canada in November last year.

I was worried when we lost to the US and Canada In November last year, we are now trying to play better. I tell them not to forget that they have achieved something and are going to be, so what do I ask of them? We will find a system and be in the best position at the World Cup“, He analyzed.

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Five months before the World Cup Martino believes there are players who can recover from that moment With the start of their matches at the club level

“There is still a long way to go, there is still a long way to go, players changing leagues. They have already been released Departers already knowThose who are know.

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