Taste Atlas Portal | According to Advantage, Lima has been voted the third best city in the world for trying local food

Peruvian cuisine is world famous and has made Lima the undisputed gastronomic capital. A recent list by the Taste Atlas portal recognized the category by naming the city of Lima as the third best city in the world for trying local food, ahead of other gastronomic destinations such as Tokyo, New York and Paris.

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It expanded the ranking by taking different ratings of its users and using data from the most used search engine in the world: Google. “We combined the average rating of the best local and regional cuisine served in a particular city, the average rating of national cuisine served in that city and the average Google rating of the best traditional restaurants in that city.”, explained. on its website.

In this way, the Peruvian capital was ranked third, behind two Italian cities: Florence, in first place, and Rome, in second place.

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In its presentation of this ranking, Taste Atlas also cautions that the list prioritizes foods that are accessible to all audiences. “These are not the cities with the most Michelin stars or the cities with the most famous chefs. These aren’t the foods or restaurants that get the most ‘likes’ on Instagram or the places where the moneyed get away from all the commoners.

In this way, the portal also includes a recommendation of 5 places to visit in Lima to get to know the local cuisine. Check out the photo gallery at the top of this post to see which ones were chosen.

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sight and taste

As for the city of Lima, which received a score of 4.66, it was reported that it has a beautiful coastal landscape. The following is said about its gastronomy: “The local gastronomic scene is recognized for its innovative fusion of traditional Peruvian ingredients with international cooking techniques, making Lima a gastronomic meeting point. Traditional Lima cuisine is characterized by its diversity of flavors and the use of fresh fish and shellfish.

The portal selected 5 must-have snacks in the city, selected: butifara, salsipapas, ceviche, antiguchos and aji de gallina.

According to Taste Atlas, this is the top 10 world’s best cities to eat in 2023.

Position city Score Recommended foods
Rank 1 Florence, Italy 4.71 points Pistecca alla Fiorentina
Puppertel al singhiel
Travel to Fiorentina
Rank 2 Rome Italy 4.68 points Trapezino
Old Forno Rossioli
Arming the pantheon
Trattoria da Cesare al Casaletto
Rank 3 Lima Peru 4.66 points Sausage
Chicken Chili
Rank 4 Naples, Italy 4.65 points Neapolitan Pizza
Spaghetti alle vongole
Spaghetti alla puttanesca
Rank 5 Hong Kong, China 4.63 points Wang Fu
Mac Man Key
You key
A dim sum
Rank 6 Mexico City, Mexico 4.61 points Swiss enchiladas
Tamale Cake
Dagos al pastor
Cochinida Bibl
Rank 7 New York, USA 4.60 points Pastrami on rye
New York style pizza
New York Style Cheesecake
New York City Bagels
Hot dog
Rank 8 Paris France 4.60 points Escargot
canard confit
Steak fries
Level 9 Tokyo Japan 4.59 points Nigris
Shoyu Ramen
Rank 10 Milan, Italy 4.59 points Risotto alla Milanese
Osobuco alla Milanese
Godoletta alla Milanese
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According to the criterion of

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