Talia reports that she is unable to walk and has been in severe pain for several days

Talia He is one of the most active artists on his social networks, where he usually shares his daily life and some professional projects closely with his followers.

However, the singer had been away from social media for several weeks and returned a day earlier to tell her what had happened to her.

The translator of ‘What Will You Do’ said that she was not so active due to a minor health problem caused by her physical inactivity.

Talia appeared to be using a filter in which she revealed she was ‘missing’ because she had severe pain in her lower back so she could not walk or do any activity.

“I’m in a trance because my back pain has not left me, I can not walk, I can not sit, I can not lie down. Everything hurts because I stopped exercising for about five months, during those months my back broke, I bent over Gigi, and Chihuahua and I got up (in pain) ”. Explained.

The actress revealed in her Instagram stories that the pain was unbearable and that I never thought such a common movement would hurt her so much.

The singer promised that she would not sit down

“How ugly your back hurts. I am already doing acupuncture, important exercises to re-align my inner muscles. I already like to run, dance, jump, go out and climb போலவே just like I am ”, Mentioned.

Finally, the famous woman asked her followers to be patient if they saw her with low energy, and she promised that she was not in good health. He put a filter on her face for this occasion because she said she was confused.

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Talia promised to be in treatment already

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