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Talia is one of those artists who never stops innovating and having fun at the same time. Since social networks are always present, with the desire to show how she lives and how happy she is, the Mexican singer does not stop sharing new things for her millions of fans. It has now been reintroduced She is a trend that has peaked on TikTok As the most recent brand in practice in new generations.

And Thalia has now found a really fun way to keep her fans happy and maintain a bond with them while making them dance and do some other mischief. It can be so Appreciate this trend There the heroine is she and His TV theme song was “Marimar”.

Talia creates dance and trends on TikTok

Thalia took to her social media to boast of her joy as many of her fans followed one of her most iconic themes in soap operas to unleash her creativity and malice.

A new trend of the actress who makes her fans look at the beginning of Marimar song, the moment the classic cry of “Ayo” comes in, the fans do the wicked thing of not dancing. Song and yes pull a hair to his partner. In other cases, people also choose a pinch as a way to evoke Thalia’s classic phrase.

“Yay! I love this trend ?????? Keep tagging me in your videos and I’ll share my favorites. ??” Thalia pointed out.

This is the complete song from the movie “Marimar”.

To remember, Talia brings up a theme that arose 28 years ago. Let’s say that “Marimar” is a telenovela produced by Televisa. It debuted in 1994 with Veronica Pimpstein as an executive producer and is based on the 1977 TV series “La Vendetta.”

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Starring Talia and Eduardo Capetillo, featured the antagonistic participation of Chantal Antares, Amirani, Indira Juno, Dono Infante and Marcelo Buquet. It stars Miguel Palmer, Pituca de Foronda, René Muñoz, Ada Carrasco and Tito Guizar. It was the last work of first actress Ada Carrasco, who died on the day her last episode of the telenovela aired.

The whole song sounded like this.

Watch the video for “Marimar”.

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