Take a deep breath before seeing how Jose Luis Rodriguez’s eldest daughter Liliana “El Puma” looks without makeup.

Jose Luis Rodriguez He is one of the longest living singers in the world of entertainment. “Puma“She has come a long way from career to stardom not only as a singer but also as an actor, businessman and music producer. It is her elder daughter who is in the news these days. Liliana Rodriguez Morillo Because of some pictures uploaded on his Instagram account.

the mother of Liliana Rodriguez MorilloVenezuelan singer Lila AndironShe was first married to the singer Jose Luis Rodriguez, He also had two daughters, Liliana and Lilibeth. Eldest of Daughters”Puma“He is the more meddlesome and more histrionic of the two, Lilibeth prefers a slightly lower profile, although they are similar when it comes to defending herself and demanding her father.

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