Swelling! In extra time Ramiro Roca gave Real Espana the win and lead over Modagua-Den

Omar Rosas was sent off for a fight with Fernandes and Atom Vida lost.

MIN 90 + 8 Gonzalo Klusener advised

MIN 90 + 8 Carlos “Muma” Fernandez red for beating Omar Rosa.

MIN 90 + 7 Final. The engine rang! Real Espana rises to the helm of Aberdera after defeating Mottagua.

MIN 90 + 4 GOOOOOOL of Real Spain. Ramiro puts the Arinecros to victory in the Rocca National, and they rise to the leadership of Aberdura.

MIN 90 Five minutes are added to the game. Until he gets the score …

MIN 89 No! Ramiro Rocca is something to be missed. Argentina got a front pass to the frame and deflected it past Rugier’s exit.

MIN 86 Motagua saved … Michael Garcia sent a cross but could not be reached by Rosas or Rocca, but they crossed the ball.

MIN 85 Yellow for Getsel Montes.

MIN 84 When Klusner is out, Pupa returns from Motagua to do another dangerous act.

MIN 83 The last change of Real Espana; Franco Flores replaced Maron Flores.

MIN 81 Luis Lopez was impressed when Carlos Mejia finished solo and wasted a clear opportunity.

MIN 80 Yellow to Mailer Flores for making a mistake on Christopher Melendus.

MIN 77 Another card by Pupa Lopez playing physicist to save the curve before pressure from Roberto Morera.

MIN 74 Michael Garcia and Wisdom Quay enter Real Spain, Dorixon Vulda and Franklin Flores leave

MIN 70 Goalkeeper Luis Pupa Lopez was injured when they fought an aerial ball into the area after a clash with Mottagua defender Wesley Texas.

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MIN 69 Fourth change in Modagua; Evan “Sino” Lopez exits, Carlos “Zapatila” Mejia enters.

MIN 62 The ugly fall of Real Espana striker Omar Rosas who clashed with Christopher Melendez.

MIN 56 Motacua makes two changes: Gonzalo Klusner and Roberto Morera join; Marco Tulio Vega and Diego Auzqui retire.

MIN 52 Real Spain came close to scoring through Omar Rosas, but the ball went past Marcelo Pereira and into the corner kick.

MIN 47 Yellow to Carlos Fernandez.

MIN 46 The second half is already being played at National. The game continues as 0-0.

MIN 46 Christopher Melendus enters and Oscar Garcia leaves.

MIN 45 The first half ends in National. For a moment, Real Spain are leading the match with this result waiting for the result this Sunday.

MIN 42 Marco Vega failed; The Motakuwa player was unable to guide him under the law and was incredibly forgiven.

MIN 29 First change in Motagua; Carlos “Muma” Fernandez entered and U-20 Jose Oliva left the field.

MIN 28 Yellow for Omar Rosas.

MIN 24 First change at Real Espana; Omar Rosa entered, Marco Tulio Aciduno came out and he was the U-20 player who added the remaining 19 minutes to the Arinecross to complete 540.

MIN 21 Ramiro Rocca shot but the Mottagua Rugier goalkeeper appeared and sent it to the corner kick.

MIN 17 The cover photo of “Pupa” Lopez getting a shot from Christ Evan Sino Lopez got the machine in trouble.

MIN 15 Real Spain saved! Marco Tulio was about to score a Vega goal, but Jercel Montes appeared, which disturbed the Mottoquins striker and ended wide.

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MIN 12 Real Spain hit a header from Ketchel Montez that bounced off Rugier’s goal.

MIN 9 Carlos Melendus misses the Tarixon Volda and gets a dangerous free kick to the Arinekros.

MIN 3 Real Espana’s arrival but Mottagua defense sends it to the corner kick.

MIN 1 The ball moved in the National.

Motagua alignment: Jonathan Rogier; Marcelo Pereira, Carlos Melendus, Wesley Decas; Jose Albino, Oscar Garcia, Juan Delcado, Omar Elvir; Diego Aski; Evan Lopez, Marco Tulio Vega.

Real Spanish alignment: Louis Lopez; Kevin Alvarez, Ketzel Montes, Tevron Garcia, Franklin Flores; Yeison Mejía, Jhow Benavidez, Mayron Flores, Darixon Vuelta; Ramiro Rocca, Marco Tulio Aciduno (U-20).

Today’s games are Saturday, October 30th
3:15 p.m. Marathon vs. Victoria (Send TDTV +)
7: 000 m Mottagua vs. The real Spain (Diego Sports)

Modagua-Real Spain
History Series: 235 games: Mottagua 84 wins, Real Espana 77 wins and 74 draws

Series at Tegucigalpa: 112 games: Mottagua 53 wins, Real Espana 27 wins and 32 draws

Kevin Lopez is still waiting to finish 200 games in the league

Real Spain added 20 games without beating Modugua in Tegucigalpa, last 2-0 in 2011

Diego Vasquez has amassed 17 games against Modagua against Real Espana, including 15 in Tegucigalpa (8 wins and 7 draws), 1 win in Comagua and 1 defeat in Soluteca.

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