Sweden’s new prime minister resigned just hours after being elected

(CNN) – The official Swedish Twitter account announced on Wednesday that Magdalena Anderson, Sweden’s first woman prime minister, had resigned within hours of voting.

A spokesman told CNN that the move was made before he was fully in office because he had not yet met with King Carlos XVI Gustavo.

His resignation follows the budget defeat in parliament, which adds to the Swedish Twitter account in which lawmakers backed the opposition bill.

The Greens have decided to leave the minority coalition government with Anderson’s Social Democrats, adding: “The current government will remain an interim government until a new government is formed.”

Reuters quoted Anderson, 54, as saying he hoped to be re-elected prime minister as head of a “one-party social democratic government”.

Changed Stephen Lofven, Who recently resigned as the country’s prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party.

All other Nordic countries (Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland) have previously elected female national leaders.

Anderson has 33 prime ministers. His CV states that he previously worked as deputy general manager of the Swedish tax agency Swedish government website.

He holds an MA in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and has been Sweden’s Minister of Finance since 2014.

She is also the second woman to lead the center-left Social Democratic Party, according to Sweden’s Twitter account.

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