Sweat, flatulence, beach sand… the strangest things you can buy online

Everything is sold on the Internet, even the sweat of the breasts. Photo: Getty Images.

Internet without limits. It is like an unexplored abyss whose end no one knows, and this volume also affects e-commerce: there is something for everyone. One already knows that practically everything can be found on Amazon, and beyond that offering is still superior.

We wanted to round up some of the most luxurious products you can have in your home. Who isn’t excited to welcome a boat with sweat? Believe it or not, it’s sold out, and it really is a success. But without overdoing it… the physical, there are other products you could never imagine at home.

Become a millionaire sells flatulence

The dedication and passion that some of the stars are unleashing on the social networking skies knows no bounds, and we mean it literally. Famous tiktoker The Australian paid a whopping $200,000 to send in glass jars with her wind inside. Yes, send a fart or flatulence, as you prefer.

Stephanie Matto, a well-known influencer on TikTok, he decided to test the loyalty of his followers with an ingenious move: sell his prey and record the operation. The video went viral and the farts were trading upwards until the number we mentioned was reached. The only problem was that her health was damaged and she had to be hospitalized (although she did return to work apparently once she recovered).

breast sweat

If it seems strange to you, then wait for the next “product” created by the protagonist himself: selling boats with the sweat of their breasts. You can keep scratching your head, but Matto is already cashing in and selling $500 a bowl. And to be able to count the numbers, be sure to send an average of ten boats per day.

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as you do? She sits in the sun by the pool (we conclude that the overcast sun in Australia will speed up the processes), and when her body sweats, she puts a bottle between her breasts and collects the liquid, which is priced at the level from a noble metal, like the one I was able to check

Germans sell sand from the beaches of Mallorca on eBay

The thing that oozes and sweats, this entrepreneur never hurts anyone (except herself, but that’s another topic). However, when the aggrieved party is the environment, things change, in effect overcoming the legality barrier. In this case there is an unspecified group of Germans who They sell sand from the beaches of Mallorca on eBay.

We put you in context: a half-depressed German who, after leaving behind the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands and into the gray and bleak skies of the Landers Islands, is capable of doing just about anything. So he hopped on eBay and bought canoes of sand from the Balearic Islands he craved. But as we have indicated, they are violating environmental laws because the islands cannot take anything from nature (they are protected); The point is that it is very difficult to control these “fishermen”, whether they are boat in hand in the sand or in the net.

A circumcision doll (yes, you can buy it)

Finally, without giving up the field of exotic products, a doll can be bought to make circumcision practices in Amazon. Don’t worry, because we’re not dealing with anything fetish or any illegal practice: it’s something aimed at medical students who want to entertain themselves at home while learning with a scalpel in their hand.

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If you are in this situation or want to live strange experiences when receiving a package at home, you can definitely entertain yourself by getting some of these jumpsuits online. Of course, we don’t know what one can do after eating some amount of sweat or gas at home…

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