Summary of the Puebla vs Pumas (2-2) match. Goals

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Puebla Not used Cookers The Congolese champions set his head in the second leg semifinals Cool down questions about their performance declineAnd let slip a 2-0 lead to level the match at 2-2 as his level dropped significantly.

For the sweet potato team It was urgent for him to add three more points to dispel those doubts They started as soon as Nicholas Largamon’s name was annexed to the United States, and it would help him go directly to Liquila, but they did not do it against the university, A team full of young people and without their stars..

Dull, Fringe was able to impose conditions against a Cat B team in the first few minutes because they were hard to come by as they were not a regular team. Andres Lillini decided to advance to the final after beating Cruz Asulay 2-1 in the middle of the week. And those in the house failed.

A Sentencing with authority by Pablo Barra In the 13th minute of the game, that was the key to opening the game. It is controversial because there is a debate going on about If only Jose Kalindo had been on the field The game when he put his hand inside, but nothing more than that.

This advantage made the journey easier for the local team, which understood that the roads would be opened One of them is Alan MosoWho caused a serious concentration deficit in the 42nd minute Maximiliano Arujo It will appear fully to make it 2-0.

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However, Largamon’s were not well, and they made him see him again, Despite having everything to control the game to their liking. Without the order of the lower zone they had in other games, they were destroyed and locked in their lower zone.

In between Diego and Rogerio alternately won 2-1 Puma appeared in the first half and from there, they amazed locals and strangers alike, they were able to design epics.

Although the tie fell only until the 86th minute, the whole of the second half belonged to the Arias.

At 86 min Jorge Ruvalcaba finished off a low cross by Koroso to make it 2-2 in the finalCruz will give his team a big boost ahead of the midweek match against Azul at the Azteca Stadium, where they will be looking for the Concoff final.

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