Summary of the match Puebla vs Mazatlán (2-0). Goals

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Thank you for the support and the fine for being nice, Puebla He won 2-0 tonight in a double day. The Dash Passed Mazatlan With goals Christian Thabe And Dieter VillalbondOr, he reunited with the target after the scandal he lived in Sivas and took him out of the fields.

Emotions were kept up until the second half, where the Puebla brand of goals and fighting to the end made people shudder at the stand.

Defender Jorge Antonio Patilla He stretched out his hand fully and immediately stopped a ball and made a dangerous mistake in that area Jorge Antonio Perez Duran He scored in support of Commodore.

Tab The ball was taken and placed to hit with an accurate shot from 11 steps Nicholas Viconis. Thus, to determine who would advance to the next round, without losing points at this final stage of the tournament, Mazatlan was drawn 1-0 on the scoreboard to get the balance.

The return of Villanbondo

The search was lazy, and those in port could not mention the plays about the attack Nicholas Largaman Used the opportunity to make the changes he wanted to punish the game. A) Yes, Villalpando entered the field a year after the court.

The player came out Sivas Due to a controversy in October last year A complaint Sexual harassment. After resolving your legal issue, The Dash She booked him for this match, but had no minutes left with him Sub-20.

Tonight, Villalpando returned He did it the best way. He was responsible for finalizing the match 2-0, finally celebrating a goal two years later. Significantly In the herd he lived in a drought of targets He last scored on August 25, 2019 in Sivas vs Nexa.

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