Summary of the match Mazatlán vs Querétaro (2-1). Goals “

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Macadlon FC He wants to combine his festival Restoration of Aberdura 2021 And throughout Sinaloa Moved one step closer to her Classification Al Beat Guerrero 2-1 in the beginning Match Day 15.

The Purple team needed two minutes in the second half White cocks, And entered the first 6 places upon arrival 20 points; Curatonos stayed Outside the first 12 After this failure.

In the box Pesat San JoseHe tried in the first half, but he failed, they went down on the scoreboard, they started to fill up and were able to leave three points in the Sinaloa area.

White cocks Began to strike with two visits. First Brian Oliveira in the 13th minute, then Omar Mendoza at 16’s, but both sent the ball out.

Sinalance responded up to 26 ‘ Daniel Amador tried an amazing scene From the Chile that diverted him from the corner of Washington Aguirre.

It was When he woke up on the ‘Queroto scoreboard at 31’. There was a corner kick, the ball was closed and he finished within that area Jonathan Dose Santos And took a 1-0 lead.

So they went to break. Half the time there were changes at Mazatlon FC, which caused it to rise from 49 ‘. Camilo Sanvezso made it 1-1 On a shot after Simba Amador’s pass.

Once the white cocks have settled and received Mazatlán FC’s 2-1 when Iván Moreno scored In a pass area from George Patilla.

In the final part of the competition, The Guerrero asked for a hand inside the area Jesus Jawala at 75 ‘, but no penalty was scored. Minutes went on, not many goals as Maximiliano Berg flew a shot for 97 and went to the Gunners dreaming of a three-point rip-off.

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