Summary of the match between United Arab Emirates vs Australia (1-2). Goals

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The Australian national team Took the first of two steps To attend his sixth World Cup And the fifth in a row. In the competition held at Qatar won 2-1 In a dramatic way for the United Arab Emirates, who were looking forward to returning to the World Cup after 32 years, they were finally able to qualify for the Italian edition in 1990.

Australia scored in the second halfAfter the boring first half, there were some visits and no emotions in the areas. At min 53 Jackson put Irwin 1-0 on the scoreboardDown the right wing after an overflow and a center on Martin Boyle.

However, despite their dominance, the Arab box matched the cards four minutes later. Kyo Kanedo Korea’s goalThe 31-year-old Brazilian-born player and naturalist from 2020 to represent the United Arab Emirates.

As extra time approached as the game drew to a close, the Australian national team saw victory as a somewhat unfortunate move for the Arabs. Ajit Hrustik fell with a goal.

Australian team number 10 He picked up the shoe from outside the area in the 83rd minute. The path was going in the direction of the goalkeeper, but the defensive turned it into a diversion and the ball ended up in the net of the United Arab Emirates.

With this decision, Australia became a rival to the Peruvian national team, which will fight for last place in Qatar 2022 next Tuesday, June 14th.

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