Summary of the Juventus Vs Villarreal match (0-3). Goals

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Something unthinkable happened. Villarreal Came with the label of victim before Juventus He did masculinity, doing what no one else thought Leave Vecchia Signora Of Champions League Beat him 3-0 vCome back It was played in Turin and played 4-1 overall.

The Yellow submarine Traveling through dark water, but Know how to get rid of all the dangers The Italians discovered gold in the first minutes and Pick up tickets for the quarterfinals.

Luck put on the shirt Villarreal, Know how Iberians affect the game. In the first few minutes Zhou attacked from all sides And in all ways, but played a key role in saving the poles Submarine.

After an incredible start Turin The game had a semblance of serenity, Dangerous activities were minimal And it was in the last 15 minutes Villier paid tribute.

First Gerardo Moreno scored from the penalty spotThe Young water Something could be done, there was time, but no imagination to cross the marker, even if they all went forward Submarine Took advantage of the gaps.

With someone already Juventus Completely surrendered and turned the front page Pav Torres finished second On the forehead of the Italian team, a header completely killed the aspirations of the Italians, as if it were not enough The fine for compensation ended in sealing the pass For Spanish quarters.

The The Italian teams completely failed in the Champions LeagueAll the teams that played in this match will watch the following events of the match on TV They were all removed.

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