‘Suilda la Sofa’ aired, what did Telemundo put in its place?

One of the biggest changes in Telemundo to start the year and one of the projects that will not see the light of day in 2022 “Tell me what you knowThe gossip contest that competed with Univision’s “El Cordo y la Flaca” was stopped after that. Latin Chain will not renew the contract So that the program is constantly being prepared.

Also “Suilda la Sofa” was not a show produced by Telemundo, but was produced by High Hill Entertainment for 8 years. Following the parade of conductors through time, the show expired at the end of 2021.

By the end of this year, ‘Sulta La Sofa’ will reach the end of its cycle in Telemundo“The network said in a statement in October 2021.” During its eight years on the channel, Sultan La Sofa has played an important role in our lunch shows, providing entertainment to our viewers and the latest news from celebrities. We thank all the talent and the production team for their commitment and dedication to making Sulta La Sofa the representative event of the afternoon at Telemundo.

Although Telemundo does not have a screen, and the program’s Instagram account is still active, the show has already dropped out of the channel’s programming. The public, who saw the tumultuous gossip at 3 / 2c in the afternoon, ran away without the “Suilda la Sofa”. In its place leads the press show “My Gaza Con Telemundo” Ana Jurka Y Carlos Adion.

Starting this week, “En Casa con Telemundo” has been extended with extra hours to make up for the time left by “Suelta la Sopa”.

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Ana Jurka and Carlos Adian are the hosts of ‘My Casa Con Telemundo’. / Photo: Telemundo

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