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  • This is the PRAS40 protein, which inactivates the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis.
  • Culture and centrifugation, combined with insulin, provide satisfactory results

Valeria Aileen Cortes Molendo, Orizaba-Córdoba School of Medicine

Jorge Vasquez Pacheco

Photos: Luis Fernando Fernandez

11/29/2023, Xalapa, Release- Valeria Ellen Cortés Molendo, student at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Veracruzana (UV), Orizaba-Córdoba Region, won the “Art, Science and Light” award for her thesis “Regulating the Diffusion Toxoplasma By PRAS40 protein.

Their research on this parasite suggests that it can be detected in cat feces and contaminated food. It is a poison capable of causing serious complications in people with a weak immune system or in pregnant women.

Curtis Molindo pointed out that global epidemiology says that at least a third of the population is infected, although at the national level the percentage could reach 50%.

Schematic of the inhibitory effects of PRAS40 on invasive agent

“In pregnant women, it is capable of causing miscarriage and symptoms such as fever, headache, swollen glands, muscle pain, etc.”

When the parasite enters the cells, it causes an infection with very rapid effects. Measurements have been made on the efficiency of the PRAS40 protein, which regulates the proliferation of the invading agent, in different controlled cell cultures.

“The cultures were centrifuged to get just what was needed, and then electrophoresis was performed, a process that allows us to partition proteins according to their molecular weight. We also use insulin as a phosphorylation agent, which is adding a phosphate group to the molecule.

Insulin, PRAS40 and its applications

Valeria Ellen Curtis pointed out that all of the above has allowed us to better understand the existence of this parasite.

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Finally, he emphasized the need for research because “there are always new things to discover and apply based on scientific progress.”

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